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Catering Info:

Many of our customers simply bring their serving dishes to us and are given simple instructions on serving their food, when they pick their order up.

Rental fee for serving dishes and serving utensils, depending on the size of your party, range from approximately $40 – $150.

For delivering a order, not including dish rental fee,drop off only, we charge $50.

We can deliver orders and return later to retrieve rental ware for $150

The Kitchen Offers a Full Range of Catering Services:

We charge $25 per hour per server to staff events.

The Kitchen adds 15% gratuity to the total cost.

We most frequently are hired to produce a served buffet, where our staff helps maintain the food presentation, answer questions and help guest with plating their meals.

Often we start with an appetizer table and later change over to the dinner menu.

We can offer table service if the event location has good kitchen facilities.

We can pass appetizers and beverages.

Bartender service is also $25 per hour for assisting with beer wine and premixed cocktail pours.

A full bar can be customized for clients.

We clear dishes, clean messes, prepare rental wares for return and clean event space if requested.

We help organize garbage and recycle, but do not haul garbage or recycle, we do take food scrapes and food soiled paper goods.

Here is an estimate of staffing requirements:

25 Guest = two servers, 50 guest = Three servers, 75 = four servers, 100 = 5 servers.

Servers work on average 6-8 hours per shift.

These estimates do not include the bartender.

We understand that each party has unique needs and are happy to accommodate them and work with your budget.

To save a date on our catering calender we require a $500 deposit. The $500 Save the date deposit is 100% refundable up to two months prior to date of event, 50%  within 6 weeks, and no refund with two weeks or less notice.

We add 15% gratuity on all catering jobs.

We offer onsite catering at The Kitchen in our garden courtyard and enclosed patio for a minimum of a $2000 party.

Off-site catering can be limited by services available at your chosen location, i.e. the size of the kitchen, counter space, stove/oven space, power available, potable water, refrigeration and enclosed protected areas.