Catering Menu


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Prices are for food only, presented on your serving pieces. Serving platters can be rented for $3.00 each and serving utensils for $1.00 each. Please refer to our catering information sheet for other dish rental costs.

Party Fare – each item listed will generously serve up to ten (10) people. And presented as an appetizer, serves up to twenty people:

Antipasto platter – $143.75 – Artisanal cheeses (see “cheese plate” in desserts section for a sampling), a selection of seasonal raw, roasted, and marinated vegetables, assorted olives, “Roses” (our great local bakery) baguettes or crostini, and a spread of your choice:

-Beet with orange zest and roasted garlic
-Mushroom mince with garlic, cilantro, and sesame oil
-Hummus – garbanzo beans, tahini, lemon, garlic
-Carrot with caramelized onion and toasted cumin seeds
-Artichoke with capers and lemon
Note: These spreads can be purchased separately – $35.00 each for a scant quart.

Dungeness Crab Cakes – $143.75 for 30 cakes – Fresh crab seasoned with a blend of Southeast Asian aromatic herbs and spices and served with your choice of the following sauces: citrus-garlic, Thai-chili-basil, or coconut-curry.

Salmon Cakes – $103.50 for 30 cakes – Made with fresh locally caught salmon. Seasoned and served as above.

Fresh Salmon Pate’ – $51.75 for a scant quart – Our fresh local salmon combined with minced cucumber, green onion, fermented black bean, preserved lemon, and yogurt.

Paneer – $46.00 for 30 chunks – House made Indian-style fresh cheese seasoned with herbs and spices, cubed and pan-fried. Served on a bed of curried fresh spinach leaves.

Filo Triangles – $69.00 for 30 – Filled with curried vegetables and farmer’s cheese. Served with a cucumber-yogurt sauce.

Szechuan Pork(spicy)-filled mushrooms – $69.00 for 30 – Made with pork from Jones Family Farm – Lopez Island – pastured pigs.

Canapes – $66.00 for 30- – A base of assorted handmade crackers or Roses baguettes topped by any of the following:

-Fresh salmon and cucumber pate’
-Rogue River, Oregon gorgonzola-style cheese with roasted beets, toasted walnuts
-Local Myers Chevre on artichoke-lemon base
-Hummus and cumin-carrot spread
-Salmon spread, parsley and pickled onion

Nori Rolls – $55.00 for 40 pieces. Choose from the following:

-Seared Ahi Tuna with cucumber and scallions
-Smoked salmon with avocado and red bell pepper
-Marinated tofu with mixed vegetables

THE KITCHEN Vegetables – $74.75 – A dazzling combination of raw, roasted, and marinated famed Kitchen vegetables from our local farmers. Garnished with fresh edible flowers and herbs.

Skewers – 30 skewers served with a choice of sauce (see listing under main dishes) priced as indicated:

-Wild prawns   $96.00
-Jones Family Farm pork balls     $76.00
-Jones Family Farm beef sirloin strips    $76.00
-Breast of free range chicken    $66.00
-Tofu and vegetable     $56.00

Sticky Rice Cakes – 40 – for $70.00 – These delicious cakes are stuffed with spiced yam, dipped in black sesame seeds and pan seared. Served with peanut-lime-miso sauce.

Mini Sandwiches – $103.50 for 30 sandwiches – Vietnamese-inspired filling of mushroom mince, roasted spiced yam, napa cabbage, roasted red onion, hot & sweet peppers, cilantro, mustard, and mayonnaise on sliced Roses baguettes.

MAIN DISHES: Build a main dish choosing from the following suggestions. Prices are per person and include your choice of rice or noodles, seasonal vegetables and sauce. Our meats, seafood, and tofu are locally sourced. We season and bake or stir fry them using organic safflower oil.

-Locally caught salmon    $42.00
-Halibut filet     $51.75
-Wild prawns    $44.25
-Jones Family Farm beef sirloin    $40.25
-Breast of free-range chicken    $32.50
-Wildwood organic tofu    $27.50

Add one of the following:
-steamed brown or white rice
-Ramen, buckwheat soba, or rice noodles
-Mixed roasted Chieftain red and Yukon Gold potatoes and garnet yams

Add best of season vegetables.

Add sauce:
-Chinese fermented black bean
-Spicy Szechuan
-Sweet & spicy Szechuan with preserved lime
-Thai coconut-curry
Salad – $3.50 per person – A salad of fresh greens and vegetables from Maple Rock Farm. Tossed with sesame or creamy(non-dairy) lemon-garlic vinaigrette.

Bread and butter – $2.50 per person – Roses baguette with whipped sweet butter


Coconut-Rice Pudding – $3.50 per person – a creamy concoction of white rice topped with toasted coconut and slivered candied ginger.

Chocolate Sheet Cake -$5 per person- A flourless rich moist cake.

Fruit Crisp – $6.00 per person – the best of our fresh seasonal local organic fruit topped with whipped crème fraiche.

Cookies – $14.00 per dozen – bite-sized versions of our famous cookies: chocolate-ginger, Chinese-almond, sesame benne, or peanut butter with black sesame seed (gluten-free).

Cheese – $70.00 with crackers/$75.00 with sliced baguettes – will serve ten (10) people generously. A selection of the following:

-Sharp cheddar from grass-fed cow’s milk
-Rogue River Oregon gorgonzola-style bleu cheese
-Morbier – semi-hard French buttery cheese
-Myer’s Orcas Island Creamery fresh chevre (goat cheese)

BEVERAGES: costs per person

-“Local Goods” French-roast coffee with cream and sugar     $2.25

THE KITCHEN’s famous house-made drinks:
Seasonal lemonade  $3.25
Chai tea blend made with organic rice milk and sugar  $3.25
Spicy organic lemon-ginger tea $3.25

In addition, we offer bartender services.